About ResearchPool

Simple. But not easy…

How do you usually get your hands on financial markets research and knowledge? Simple. By installing financial data vendor terminals, paying for it through trading commissions, by signing up to costly annual subscriptions from research providers, or by spending hours trawling through multiple websites and search engines to find the information you need.

And that’s why we created ResearchPool. Our aim is to provide universal, direct access to research content through supporting a transparent channel between research consumers and research providers through a simple, single platform. We don’t think it should be anything other than easy to find and access quality research in the financial markets.

Valuing knowledge.

  • We’ve opened the space. By creating an open platform, access to financial research is no longer exclusively in the domain of a few but to all those who value access to information.
  • We’ve pulled back the blinds. We invite research providers to place a value on their research by setting a transparent price, thereby encouraging quality content and budget control.
  • We’re connecting people. By inviting visitors to become part of a research and thought leadership community, we can support a more fluid and effective trading of information.

Dive into the pool.

In addition to research content, ResearchPool aims to champion positive thought leadership in financial markets, from market structure and regulatory development to how research might best be paid for across Europe-wide borders. We invite you to join our growing European network. Get in touch with us now or visit our blog to join the discussion.

Our team.

Pedro Fernandes – Paris.

Pedro spent several years managing exchange platforms across Europe and holds a strong track record in nurturing markets through the different stages of development. He remains a recognised thought leader on capital markets subjects.

James Woodley – London.

James has over 15 years’ financial services experience in sales, relationship management and regulatory policy from the London Stock Exchange, the Financial Conduct Authority and Euronext. MBA from Cass Business School.


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